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American Dipper at Bear Creek

American Dipper

American Dippers are aquatic songbirds that can be found foraging in rocky streams across western North America. I saw my first Dipper in Oregon two years ago, but I did not get close enough for photos. This year, I took a trip to Colorado and had much better photo opportunities with them. We photographed a very cooperative couple, who was busy catching insects and larva, at Lair O’ the Bear … Read More »

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Snail Kites at Dusk

Snail Kite

Snail Kites were target species during both of my trips to Florida. During the first trip, I got great views of them, but not-so-great photos due to poor light and distance. The first stop for my next trip was at the same spot, but lighting was still tough and the bird remained distant. The next day, I spent a little more time with them – this time at sunset. It … Read More »

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Dancing with the Cranes

Sandhill Cranes

On my last day in Florida, I had one of those “right place at the right time” moments that came very unexpectedly. We were just getting back from checking out a boat that my boyfriend’s grandpa just purchased when he realized that he forgot something in it. I asked to be dropped off at a spot near home where we knew a Great Horned Owl was roosting. I was looking … Read More »

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Pretty in Purple

Purple Gallinule

During our trip to Florida, we visited Venetian Gardens Park in Leesburg to photograph the beautiful Purple Gallinule. I had seen them at this park last year, but wanted to upgrade my photos because the lighting was harsh during that visit. The birds did not disappoint this time by. We were able to get plenty of photo ops with them. Lighting was still tough, but the birds were very cooperative … Read More »

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Rain Won’t Stop the Birding

Pied-billed Grebe

Rain does not always ruin a birding day. I recently came back from a photographic trip in Florida where the weather started out very iffy. We arrived early on Saturday and went right into bird-mode. One of our stops for the day was Lake Apopka Wildlife Drive, which recently opened up last summer. We decided to go there when the skies started to darken. It was the perfect stop for … Read More »

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Loons, the Divers of the Sea

Common Loon

Loons are large aquatic birds that are seen in high numbers off of the New Jersey coast throughout the winter. These beautiful birds are very showy in their breeding plumage, but could be considered fairly plain in the winter. I was able to get a bunch of decent photo ops with Loons during a recent trip to the Barnegat jetty and Manasquan Inlet. In Europe they are known as Divers. … Read More »

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Acknowledging Gulls on the Jetty

Great black-backed Gull

I cannot say that I make blog posts about Gulls very often… if at all. They are one bird family that we all seem to take for granted, whether you are a birder or not. They aren’t that shy and often won’t fly away when approached. I may not go out of my way to photograph them, but I will stop and appreciate them from time-to-time. They are one of … Read More »

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Mergansers on Brodhead Creek

Common Merganser

Pinebrook Park is my go-to park for a quick, birdy walk during the spring and summer months. Songbirds are not the only draw to this park – the Brodhead Creek runs along side it, which brings a great variety of water-loving species. I often see Common Mergansers around the creek from a distance or flying by, however, late in August, they gave me a couple of nice photo opportunities. During … Read More »

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A Colorful, Crowded Jetty

Harlequin Ducks

Earlier this month, I took a trip to the coast and visited my favorite jetty at Barnegat Lighthouse State Park. It presented me with some pretty great photo ops of Harlequins up on the rocks. The birds were very comfortable – even when more and more photographers and admirers approached, they stayed in place. Things got pretty crowded once the tide started coming in and the birds were a bit … Read More »

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Poor Weather Brings the Birds!

Dark-eyed Junco

I cannot say that I am a huge fan of snow and ice storms, but I do like to take advantage of them for photography when they occur during the daytime hours. Poor weather brings the birds flocking to my feeders. This winter has been pretty mild so far. We finally had our first storms in the past couple of weeks. During these storms, I photographed my feeder birds through … Read More »

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